"Badges" are items in the roblox game Steven Universe Roleplay Original, They can give you a Badges.

Badge List

Badge Name Description Location Image
Centipeetle Gem *Scavenger Hunt* Try to find the Centipeetle's gem! The Burning Room
The Burning Room
Desert Glass *Scavenger Hunt* Try to find the Desert Glass! The Desert
The Desert
Evil Scroll *Scavenger Hunt* Try to find the Evil Scroll! The Burning Room
The Burning Room
Moon Goddess Statue *Scavenger Hunt* Try to find the Moon Goddess Statue! Lunar Sea Spire
Lunar Sea Spire
Steven's Videotape *Scavenger Hunt* Try to find Steven's Videotape! Lion's Dimension
Lion Dimension
Rose's Scabbard *Scavenger Hunt* Try to find Rose's Scabbard! Gem Battlefield
Gem Battlefield
Shooting Star *Scavenger Hunt* Try to find the Shooting Star! Ice Cavern
Ice Cavern
Gold Pass *Inactive* Was available only on August 5th, 2015 until 8:00 PM EST.

This badge is no longer available.

Steven Universe Roleplay Original N/A

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